A fundamentally better way to run government

Results-driven government is a proven system of management that engages employees in driving out waste and improving customer/citizen outcomes to levels that are the best seen in government.

Imagine if the vast majority of the teams across your department were posting significant improvements in their key measures EVERY month. Imagine that those improvements were routinely 10, 15 even 20 percent.

That’s a performance transformation.

Sustain that momentum for three year’s running, and you have uncovered 25 percent or more capacity to do the things your department needs to do; do it for five years, and you have added 40 percent more capacity and you are likely the best at what you do in the nation.


Those you serve win. Your employees win. Your state wins. You win.


The vast majority of human beings want to make a difference; they want to be contribute to something bigger than themselves. When an organization commits to becoming results-driven, they begin a journey of engaging EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE in helping improve results at every level.


The problem is not bad managers, it's an outdated system of management.

Now you can learn how to implement results-driven government from the expert who developed it.

We are not talking theory, this is a proven practice in use in states and agencies across the country.


The problem has never been people, it’s the outdated system of management practices in most states.


“A bad system will beat a good person every time,” 

     – Dr. W. Edwards Deming

The Results-Driven Manager: The MasterClass is the answer.


The MasterClass teaches you results-driven government. It’s a system of management that taps into the talent, passion, experience and energy of your state’s workforce – it unleashes your people to drive game-changing improvement that delivers undeniable proof in the form of measurable results.

It’s the only program of its kind developed exclusively for state government.

Results-driven management is based in Lean. While process improvement is often seen as a peripheral activity in many organizations, in a results-driven organization it is the engine that drives measurable improvement.

We are already doing Lean. How is this different?

Can I learn this? How hard is it?

When will I find the time? I am dying here.

Why should I listen to you?

Who else is doing this?

Listen how The MasterClass came to be.

I want to see all the options and get started today!

Here is everything that's included in The MasterClass:

Seven Modules: 26 Sessions

  • Module One:

    Results-Focused Mindset

    Session 1: The Journey Begins

    The Five-Management Principles

    Session 2: Respect for People

    Session 3: Customer Focus

    Session 4: Process Thinking

    Session 5: Fact-Driven

    Session 6: Transparent Accountability

  • Module Four:

    Measuring Results

    Session 1: Outcome Measures

    Session 2: Process Measures

    Session 3: Scorecards




  • Module Seven:

    Communications and Celebration

    Session 1: Telling Your Story

    Session 2: Recognition and Celebration

  • Module Two:

    Aligning with State Leadership

    Session 1: Understanding What Matters to Your Governor

    Session 2: Understanding Where Your Agency is Headed





  • Module Five:

    Managing Results

    Session 1: Daily Management

    Session 2: Business Reviews

    Session 3: Coaching One-on-One




  • Included with each module:

    A video, downloadable audio of the lesson, downloadable tools, templates and bonus information

  • Module Three:

    Building Your Management System

    Session 1: Management as a System

    Session 2: Mission, Vision and Values

    Session 3: Key Goals

    Session 4: Core Processes



  • Module Six:

    Improve Processes

    Session 1: Introduction to 7-Step Improvement

    Session 2: The Five Power Tools

    Session 3: Defining the Problem

    Session 4: Mapping the Process

    Session 5: Defining the Solutions

    Session 6: Securing the Win

It’s built on the latest in adult learning theory:

  • Learn the concepts
  • Then, apply them to your work
  • And in the process, deliver real improvement – measurable results 

Learn. Apply. Deliver 

Preview a Session of The MasterClass

Module Three, Session 1: Management as a System

This is an example of the instructional video. Each session includes downloadable audio of the session, step-by-step handouts, examples, templates and links to articles about the topic.

The MasterClass includes dynamic closed captioning (not shown here) and is fully ADA compliant.

What others say about The MasterClass ...

Governor O’Malley is one of the best Governors in modern time. No single Governor drove more measurable improvement than he did in his eight years in office – and teams from around the world flocked to Annapolis to study his management.

I have had the honor and pleasure of working with him. He is a force.

This is a practical, useful course that will be embraced and appreciated by all of your managers.

Martin O'Malley

Former Governor of Maryland

I was the principle external advisor on the formation of ResultsWashington, the Arizona Management System, Michigan’s Good Government initiative and have worked with over 80 state agencies in seven states. My book, Government That Works, The Results Revolution in the States, is given to every new governor during their orientation given by the National Governors Association.


Course Packages

All packages are offered for individuals as well as for teams. If the team you lead are managers (or even managers of managers) and you intend to implement results-driven management, it is strongly recommended the entire team go through the courses together and mix the online learning with face-to-face or virtual conversations and work sessions. If your team members are not managers, enrolling them and following a similar process will greatly support successful implementation.


Equip yourself and your managers to thrive. Your success benefits all of us.



This package gives you full access to the entire results-driven state manager certification course.


This package is for you if ...

What you want to accomplish is:
Results-Driven Government and to lead the transformation of your organization.


What you’re committed to:
Transforming your knowledge and skills as you lead the implementation of a management system that delivers results that matter to those you and your organization serves.


What your role is:
You are a strongly committed team manager, a manager of managers, a department leader or even an entire state of managers. It depends on who sponsors the implementation of this program, the scope of the desired transformation, and how the program is used.



This package delivers everything a manager needs to engage their team in delivering results.


This package is for you if ...

What you want to accomplish is:

Engaging your team in achieving results that matter.


What you’re committed to:

Gaining the knowledge and skills to shift from boss to coach in order to support your team through the process of defining measures, identifying processes and removing waste through process improvement in order to deliver results.


What your role is:

You are a committed team supervisor or manager, or a manager of managers working within a defined scope.






This package offer the core skills for the modern state workforce.


This package is for you if ...

What you want to accomplish is:

Taking the waste out of the processes you work in.


What you’re committed to:

Being part of the solution by helping to take the non-value-added activities out of the work processes I participate in, knowing the waste in my processes wastes my time that could be spend doing things of greater value.


What your role is:

You are a manager, a supervisor or a frontline state employee who works in one of the department’s routine processes.



This package offer the core skills for the modern state workforce.


This package is for you if ...

What you want to accomplish is:

Creating your own learning experience will enhance you or your departments specific needs.










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Meet the Instructor: John M. Bernard

Government That Works endorsed by:
    Governor John Hickenlooper (CO)
    Governor Martin O’Malley (MD)
    Governor Rick Synder (MI)
    Governor John Kitzhaber (OR)

Host of the podcast, The New Bureaucrat


Wikipedia defines a masterclass as a “class given to students of a particular discipline by an expert of that discipline.”


John's book, Government That Work, The Results Revolution in the States, is considered to be the seminal book on state government operations. The National Governors Association (NGA) provides a copy to newly elected governors as a part of their orientation.


“No one knows more about the transformation to result-driven government in the states than John Bernard,” said Henry Darwin, then Chief Operating Officer for the State of Arizona who went on to serve in that same capacity for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Advisor to multiple governors
  • Chief external advisor on the formation of
    • Results Washington
    • Michigan’s Good Government Program
    • Arizona’s Management System
  • Columnist for GOVERNING
  • Former Senior Fellow for GOVERNING Institute
  • Worked with seven states and over 80 state agencies
  • Presented at the National Governor’s Association (NGA)
  • Advised Governor John Hickenlooper, when he chaired the NGA, on his initiative titled: Delivering Results
  • Host of The New Bureaucrat, a podcast focused on people who are transforming state government

John is a pioneer in the application of Lean in the U.S., having served in one of the first two companies in the country to begin applying the concepts in 1981. While he does not use the Japanese terms in his work, the principles which originated with Dr. W. Edwards Deming and Shigeo Shingo’s pioneering work at Toyota permeate his work. John’s focus has been on the application of Lean concepts to the work of management and managers.


John shifted his focus to state government nearly 15 years ago, after helping transform a state agency in Oregon, Oregon Youth Authority.

Additional Options for The MasterClass


Program Customization

The MasterClass can support training individual managers or can be a part of an integrated strategy to help transform a team, an agency or the state into a results-driven organization. Click here if you want to schedule time with John to design a solution to meet your unique needs.


Virtual Support Packages

Choose from three highly regarded and experienced experts to help answer your questions and speed up your learning curve. Private coaching hours can be purchased in packages and scheduled to support you and your team's success.

If you have questions, schedule a time with John.

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If after 30 days you are not completed satisfied, I will return 100% of your fee.

John M. Bernard

Creator and Instructor of The MasterClass

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